Software Engineer to Soundtrack Your Brand

Have you ever thought about the music in cafes and stores, who chooses it and why? You may not have heard of Soundtrack Your Brand but you have probably heard their playlists. Soundtrack Your Brand is the leading company in music streaming for businesses and financially supported by Spotify. As a Software Engineer you will get to work in an autonomous and skilled team with a modern tech stack 100% based on Google Cloud.

About Soundtrack your Brand
Soundtrack Your Brand enables both enterprise and smaller business customers, like McDonalds all the way down to that small coffee place on the corner, to access the power of music to build their brands. After building an impressive customer base in the Nordic region with the backing of Spotify they have continued to expand their international presence and are currently live in over 70+ countries, with half of their customers in the US. The first major step in breaking loose from their previous collaboration with Spotify was the recent development and release of their own music catalogue with 26 million tracks for the use of businesses (a figure that can be compared with the approximately 30-35 million tracks that Spotify have in their catalogue).

Playing music in businesses is very different from playing music at home. Businesses need a vast selection of music that’s continually updated. And the music itself profoundly influence consumers’ experience and behaviour, which they have repeatedly proven in their research. As thought leaders in in-store music research they try to educate the world about the impact of music.

In total Soundtrack Your Brand has around 90 people working from their spacious and highly modern office (with great background music, of course) on Sveavägen in Stockholm. The development team consist of 30 very talented and humble engineers with previous experience from places like EA, Spotify, iZettle, Viaplay and Aftonbladet. 

About the role
As Senior Software Engineer you will be a key member of the business systems team that is one of Soundtrack Your Brands main function. The team is responsible for all financial transactions and as the largest international of in-store music worldwide, this involves everything from credit card payments to invoicing towards partners, resellers and enterprise customers. Soundtrack Your Brand firmly believes in fair trade music and that artists, composers, and songwriters should be compensated fairly. The team plays a crucial role in calculating royalty payments and reporting of these to labels and publishers. In other words, the business systems team focus on scalability and maintainability, as well as the ability to design and build efficient, reliable and maintainable systems. 

Soundtrack Your Brand strongly believes in self-organizing, autonomous teams with a high degree of responsibility and accountability. Therefore you will be involved in the team’s key decisions, both in architecture and development process, and share the responsibility to deliver superb solutions with your extremely dedicated colleagues.You will drive large software initiatives utilizing a variety of programming languages and platforms. Soundtrack Your Brand services are written in Go, Scala and Elixir running on the Google Cloud Platform and are tied together via REST and gRPC. They utilize Cloud SQL and Cloud Datastore as their transactional data services. For monitoring, they rely heavily on Prometheus and Grafana and for logging, use the ELK stack. For data processing, analysis and reporting, Google Dataflow, BigQuery, DataStudio and Tableau, is used. All teams are full-stack oriented and are responsible for a particular domain end-to-end. In this particular role, you will mostly work with back-end services written in Go either running on AppEngine or on Kubernetes, but you will also work with monitoring, logging and data processing/analysis.

What Soundtrack Your Brand is looking for
We believe that you have precious experience as a software engineer and a keen interest in keeping up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques in the area. Soundtrack Your Brand looks at programming as a delicate and creative craftsmanship, and hope that you do too. Previous experience of writing services in Go is a plus but not required – what’s most important is that you are open to learn and to expand your skill set. Preferably you have previous experience from building scalable, maintainable and robust payment/financial centric systems. As a person you are friendly, pragmatic, professional and precise. You are fun to work with and an excellent communicator inside the team, as well as outside of it. You are humble and curious of new people and technical challenges.

Do you think this is the right position for you? In that case contact me, I would love to tell you more. If you have any questions about the company or position, do not hesitate to contact Sebastian Laine at +4670 73 58 660

Keywords: software engineer, backend, backend developer, music, go, golang, scala, elixir, google cloud platform, payments.