Senior Infrastructure Engineer to Ivbar

Stockholm Headhunting has been assigned to find a Senior Infrastructure Engineer to the health-tech company Ivbar. 

About Ivbar
Ivbar is a young and value driven organisation working to support a fundamental shift in how healthcare is delivered, originally as a spin-off from Karolinska Institutet. Their aim is better health for more people throughout the world and their products are used for Advanced Performance Monitoring and management of Advanced Payment models. With their product, Era, they turn large amounts of raw data into comparable key figures they help governments, insurance companies and provider organisations to improve the way healthcare is carried out. To make this possible, they bring together a wide range of expertise of fields including medicine, mathematics, health economics, epidemiology, software development and health care strategy. You can read more about some of the stories and case-studies made possible by Ivbar and Era here.

Ivbar started in 2012 and have just ended their start-up phase with clients in big parts of europe along with a recent group merging. With this merger they have ensured economical stability and possibility to keep growing. As a result of this they work close with their sister company Value2Health making more large scale progress. You can read more about Value2Health here. Regardless of this, the people they bring in to the company will have a great possibility to not only affect their own work, but the road for the company. 

”We want to create a measurable positive impact on the health of 1 billion people through intelligent use of data.” – Jonas Wohlin, Chief Executive Officer at Ivbar.

The role
As their new Senior Infrastructure Engineer, you will be part of a small team responsible for general platform infrastructure and information security raising it to the next level. You will have a critical role in the shaping and automate deployment of the platform as well as orchestration in Docker. This along with building a Google Cloud Platform and infrastructure outside of Sweden.

Ivbar see that you have professional experience with technologies like Ansible, Terraform and some kind of cloud solution. You have probably worked with Python, Github, Jenkins ande Docker before. Any general programing experience is meritorious. Since the IT department is permeated with the DevOps philosophy, Ivbar see that you also advocates this way of developing.

About you
As a person you are ambitious, humble and a fast learner. You are able to work by your own as well as in a team. But mostly you are driven to make a difference in the world, in the end making it a better place.

Do you find this interesting? Apply via our website as soon as possible. If you have questions about the position or the company, please contact Martin Selin at 0709 39 24 00 or email

Keywords: Infrastructure, developer, Ansible, Terraform, Google Cloud, DevOps, health-tech, python, Docker, Kubernetes