Tech Lead to Vimla!

Stockholm Headhunting has been commissioned to find a Tech lead for the mobile operator company Vimla! (owned by Telenor), one of the fastest growing startup communications companies in Sweden. Vimla! are making a big shift towards becoming an engineering-driven company, where you will have instant impact from day one. Vimla! are not interested in being just another smart mobile operator, they want to break new ground and challenge the existing Swedish market.

About Vimla! 
Vimla! is one of the fastest growing communications companies in Sweden, starting from a small beta in 2014 to a big and lively community in 2018 and are well financed. Vimla! are focusing on user experience based on where, when or how we use our mobile phone today. Based on the results of qualitative interviews, they will now develop new features to challenge the user experience. Vimla! values the health perspective for their users, and also aims becoming the operator for developers, where developer can make changes in Vimlas open source product, and customize the application in order to suit them.

They are owned by Telenor but operates completely separate with full technical freedom. The office is located in Solna, in the same building as Telenors head office, but they also operate in the A-house which is in the central of the city. Vimla! are a group of 22 people, passionate about what they do. They like to think of themselves as a small team with huge dreams. They are honestly convinced that they are on to something really big. Team Vimla! is a mixed bunch with complementing super-powers. Since they are a relatively small team they can work alongside, transparently and collectively. 

Vimla! help bring friends, families, communities and many others closer together! You can read more about Vimla! here.

About the role 
As Tech Lead at Vimla! you would play a key role in coaching and supporting the development team within the organization, as well as working hands on with development. In this role you would work on further development of Vimla! application called Filter which enables people to customize the application according to their needs and preferences. You will also work with Vimla!’s internal systems and projects. This includes application development, development of new tools and various AI projects for automation. You will be a big part in setting the development methods and processes along with assisting in the formation and growth of Vimlas Software Development team. At Vimla! you are given a lot of free responsibility to focus on your areas of expertise, in order to help the team become even more awesome! Your team consist of four developers today with the same number of consultants, with potential of growing further over time.

As of today, Vimla! virtually has no legacy code base giving the opportunity to build something unique from the ground up. They have thrown away all the legacy of yesterdays telecom and are beginning to build a whole new communication experience for people in Sweden based on cutting edge software hosted in the cloud with full control over the user experience. You will innovate Vimla!’s vision to modernize the phone experience and get involved in setting the norm for how Vimla! works.

Vimla! is looking for
Preferably you have experience from working both in front- and backend development. You thrive to coach, motivate and support team members as well as working hands on with development. Experience from working with Node, React, Docker and AWS are meritorious, but not a requirement. If you have experience in developing mobile applications in iOS and/or Android that is also good, but not a dealbreaker.

Vimla! are in other words looking for a broad generalist rather then a specialist, who wants to take lead for the development team. You need to be fluent in English. As a person you are a good team leader, humble, confident, a good communicator as well as a creative team player with a strategic mindset. 

Do you wanna be a part of Vimla! and build the future of communications in Sweden? Please apply through our webpage as soon as possible as we go through the applications as we receive them. If you have any questions about the company or position, do not hesitate to contact Paulina at or +46 (0)70 89181 00

Keywords: Tech lead, Software developer, Fullstack, Backend, Frontend, Node, React Native, AWS, Java, Docker, Agile, mobile application, iOS, Android